A Teen's Take


November 14, 2019

POMEROY–It seems the older I get the less appealing the whole birthday party with cake, ice cream and candles, party favors and games seem. It takes a lot of planning to get a date and time. These days, my two families find it a challenge to coordinate two separate birthday gatherings because our family has become so involved in work, sports, school and other activities. Tricky. Very tricky.

Another thing that has changed with me is that getting gifts are not as big of a deal to me now as it once was in my younger years. My friends and family ask me what I want and honestly, I don’t really have a need or want for anything specific. Of course, new and exciting things come with each year such as driving when I turn 16, but that’s a year away.

My idea of a fun birthday is getting together with my friends to watch a movie, hangout, eat some snacks, ice cream and cake and talk. It’s something my friends and I look forward to each year.

This year is special. I get to spend my birthday with my best friend. Our birthdays are a week apart. Her family is planning to come up this week so can to celebrate together.

What’s your favorite part about celebrating your birthday?

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall and savoring the football season.


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