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May 28, 2020

POMEROY–Life without going to school has become complicated and seems down-right weird. Honestly, I miss all of it. Even the educational factor of school. Now that we have been doing online school for a while, I have learned it is nothing what I imagined it to be like. I was expecting it to be more fun and easier, but in reality, it is not that at all.

Online learning is challenging because to ask a question, I must type it out, which is sometime hard to express, especially if I don’t know or understand. Then when the answer comes, it can be unclear what the teacher is trying to explain. When I am in the classroom, I can ask the teacher directly and if she doesn’t understand where I am going with it, she can ask me to explain further until she gets the idea. It is just plain difficult to do that by typing it out on the keyboard.

Sometimes, online school means it can be harder for me to understand what is being told to me. In regular school I could ask other people to explain it in a fashion that makes sense to me and in words I can understand. That is not how it is with online school; you have to figure it out for yourself. Not everyone learns the same way, and in my opinion, online school makes it really hard to target all areas of learning.

The hardest thing about online school is being accountable. Even the most responsible people are struggling with this aspect. It’s hard to choose between doing your online classes or going to the playground to play basketball or taking a walk with your friends. I am trying to stay focused and do better at this online school, but it sure will be a joy to return to regular school classes.

I hope everyone has an amazing week while enjoying the nice warm weather.


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