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Primary ballots to be mailed this week


July 16, 2020

POMEROY—Garfield County residents will cast their votes for local and state candidates in the 2020 mid-term primary election, using mail-in balloting concluding on August 4. Ballots are scheduled to be mailed out no later than Friday, July 17, 2020.

Completed ballots may be submitted either by mail or by delivering them to the Garfield County Courthouse’s designated ballot drop locations. They must be postmarked no later than August 4, 2020 or returned to the Garfield County Auditor by Tuesday, August 4 at 8 p.m.

State and local races on the Primary Ballot will advance to the General Election, in accordance with Washington’s “Top Two” primary system.

One Garfield County race will be decided in the August 4 Primary. Three candidates are running for Garfield County Commissioner District 1, an opening created by the retirement of Commissioner Bob Johnson. They are Vonni (Vonda) Mulrony (Republican Party); P. Ernest Kimble (Republican Party); and Jim Nelson (Republican Party).

Incumbent Wynne McCabe, in Garfield County Commissioner Position 2, is being opposed by Larry Ledgerwood. McCabe and Ledgerwood do not designate a favored party.

Asotin, Columbia, Garfield Superior Court Judge Position No. 1 has three candidates vying for the position: Brooke J. Burns, G. Scott Marinella and R. Victor Bottomly.

Incumbent State Senator Mark G. Schoesler (GOP Party) and Jenn Goulet (Democratic Party) are on the ballot for State Senator Legislative District No. 9.

State Representative Legislative District No. 9 Position 1, currently held by Mary Dye (Republican Party), also includes Brett Borden (Libertarian Party) on the ballot.

Incumbent Republican Joe Schmick is unopposed for Legislative District No. 9 Position 2.

Ballots reflect candidates specific to individual districts and precincts. They are as follows:

U. S. Representative 5th Congressional District

Chris Armitage (Democratic Party); Brendan O’Regan (Independent Party); Stephen T. Major (Republican Party); Dave Wilson (Democratic Party); Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Republican Party)

Washington Governor

Jay Inslee (Incumbent) (Democratic Party); Cairo D’Almeida (Democratic Party); Gene Hart (Democratic Party); Don Rivers (Democratic Party); Omari Tahir-Garrett (Democratic Party); Richard Carpenter (Republican Party); Loren Culp (Republican Party); Tim Eyman (Republican Party); Phil Fortunato (Republican Party); Joshua Freed (Republican Party); Raul Garcia (Republican Party); Ian Gonzales (Republican Party); Tylor Grow (Republican Party); Bill Hirt (Republican Party); Matthew Murray (Republican Party); Martin Wheeler (Republican Party); William Miller (American Patriot Party); David Voltz (Cascadia Labour Party); David Blomstrom (Fifth Republic Party); Liz Hallock (Green Party); Joshua Wolf (New Liberty Party); Nate Herzog (Pre-2016 Republican Party); Winston Wilkes (Propertarianist Party); Henry Dennison (Socialist Workers Party); Alex Tsimerman (StandupAmerica Party); GoodSpaceGuy (Trump Republican Party); Leon Lawson (Trump Republican Party); Anton Sakharov (Trump Republican Party); Craig Campbell (Unaffiliated); Cregan Newhouse (Unaffiliated); Ryan Ryals (Unaffiliated); Cameron Vessey (Unaffiliated); Brian Weed (Unaffiliated); Thor Amundson (Independent); Elaina Gonzalez (Independent); Dylan Nails (Independent).

Lt. Governor

Denny Heck (Democratic Party); Michelle Jasmer (Democratic Party); Marko Liias (Democratic Party); James Rafferty (Democratic Party); Joseph Brumbles (Republican Party); Marty McClendon (Republican Party); Dick Muri (Republican Party); Bill Penor (Republican Party); Ann Davison Sattler (Republican Party); Jared Frerichs (Libertarian Party); Matt Seymour (Libertarian Party).

Secretary of State

Kim Wyman (Incumbent) (Republican Party); Gael Tarleton (Democratic Party); Gentry Lange (Progressive Party of Washington State); Ed Minger (Independent).

State Treasurer

Duane A. Davidson (incumbent) (Republican Party); Mike Pellicciotti (Democratic Party).

State Auditor

Joshau Casey (Democratic Party); Chris Leyba (Republican Party); Pat (Patrice) McCarthy (Democratic Party)

Attorney General

Matt Larkin (Republican Party); Mike Vaska (GOP Party); Brett Rogers (Republican Party); Bob Ferguson (Democratic Party)

Commissioner of Public Lands

Cameron Whitney (Republican Party); Steve Sharon (Republican Party) Hilary Franz (Democratic Party); Kelsey Reves (Libertarian Party); Maryam Abasbarzy (Republican Party); Sue Kuehl Pederson (Republican Party); Frank Wallbrown (Democratic Party)

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Ron Higgins; Maia Espinoza; Stan Lippmann; David Spring; Dennis Wick; Chris Reykdal

Insurance Commissioner

Anthony Welti (Blibertarian Party); Chirayu Avinsh Ratel (Republican Party); Mike Kreidler (Demcratic Party)


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