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Maintenance to hospital roof and air ducts cost under $10k


August 13, 2020

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POMEROY–Garfield County Hospital District (GCHD) co-CEO Mat Slaybaugh has reported to the Garfield County Hospital Board of Commissioners on August 3, the cost for the hospital roof repair and duct cleaning, is estimated at $9707.70. He stated two bids have been received to repair the roof leaks on the hospital side of the building. The finance committee recommended one slightly higher bid for $8,507.70 because it contained a longer warranty period. Slaybaugh also said three bids were also received for duct cleaning. Mike's Mechanical is recommended because it includes an air purifier, lasts ten years, covers the entire building, and will cost $1,200 to install.

GCHD Board Commissioner, Steve Cannon, stated according to the finance committee, GCHD has been "defying the odds," especially during the COVID-19 period. "The year-to-date figures look really good, and the clinic visits are heading in the right direction," he said. The GCHD is on track to not have to pay back their Small Business Administration (SBA) loan, and their costs are down.

Slaybaugh reported that the training of staff by Allevant should be completed by the end of August, and that the marketing work for the GCHD as a transitional care facility is underway. A brochure is in the works, and there will soon be a link on the GCHD's website for a separate page for the transitional care program. They have now two internal applicants for a care/referral contact person. Once all the pieces are in place, they will be ready for a kickoff of the program. Slaybaugh said that the Allevant people are very positive that the program will do well here. Co-CEO Jayd Keener added that the main contact she had at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston had been really excited about the prospect of working with the GCHD in this capacity, and that St. Joseph could really use the services. However, that contact is no longer employed by St. Joseph, so she said she will need to cultivate a new one.

Keener reported on the progress with plans to use Lynx Healthcare for prescription opioid management through telehealth services for patients. For now, they have postponed meeting with Lynx, and the new opioid policy in place at the clinic is going well. They will consider looking at some other telehealth providers.

CEOs Slaybaugh and Keener met with Danika Gwinn, Quality Behavioral Health (QBH) Clinical Director, about working with the GCHD to provide mental health services for Pomeroy patients. Gwinn reported that QBH is currently in the process of hiring a full-time contact person for the Garfield County Human Services office, and they are "ramping up" mental health services in the county. Gwinn will work with GCHD to provide local services once they have hired the new person.

Commissioner Jen Dixon reported that there have been a few changes to the guidelines for hospital visitations. There is a limit of two visitors at a time, and no one under the age of 17 will be allowed to visit. All visitors must be immediate family members, or those with Power of Attorney responsibilities, and those who have been routine visitors, to minimize exposure to the coronavirus.

The hillside repair and rock removal work has not yet been completed. Marv Scoggins, who is doing the work, asked for a two to three–week extension.

The next meeting of the GCHD Board Zoom meeting is Tuesday, September 1, 2020, at 6 p.m.


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