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A Teen's Take


October 8, 2020

POMEROY–Times have definitely changed from my parents teenage and high school years. It’s crazy to hear about all the things my parents did when they were my age. It is hard to image doing all the things my parents did back in the day compared to what teens and high schoolers do today. My peers and I would never think of doing some of the typical activities and behaviors of my parents, just like they would never have ever done some of the typical actions and pastimes we do.

Changes I see as to what we do not adhere too these days is the way we speak to our elders, different dating rituals, the things we prioritize, and our work ethics. Why did these things take such a sharp turn? What happened to common courtesies, moral fortitude and determination? Could it be because we are parenting ourselves much of the time, or is it the type of shows we watch, or the advances in technology? I’m pretty sure it all plays a bit part in the way we live life these days. We come home to empty homes which didn’t happen in our parent’s day, everyone watches shows on Netflix, You Tube, streaming movies of all kinds from whatever channel–all available on our devices as well as on TV. The most significant change is we are able to hide behind a screen to type/text rude and disrespectful words to the extent of being slanderous to others; and this part isn’t just kids, it is adults as well! This behavior all carries over into our everyday lives which tends to cause us to say and do these things in person–face-to-face.

Honestly, in my opinion, there’s no excuse for this behavior. I think that we should be respectful and kind. We need to be mindful of others’ feelings without compromising or neglecting our own, and be helpful. The things we say to our parents and teachers, it wouldn’t fly back then, but it has become a worsening trend these days.

Times have definitely changed and not necessarily for the better. Perhaps we could bring back some of those qualities my parent’s generation had and make them a part of everyday life again.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week while preparing for the fall weather that is approaching quickly.


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