January 14, 2021

Majority already moving forward toward state income tax

By Sen. Mark Schoesler

WASHINGTON STATE–Majority Democrats are looking to fast-track state income tax and once again trying to call it anything but an income tax by using the term “excise tax” in the title of Senate Bill 5096: “Concerning an excise tax on gains from the sale or exchange of certain capital assets.” Apparently, it is such a priority that a public hearing on the bill has already been scheduled for next Thursday. January 14, 2020 in the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

Another re-opening plan, new restrictions

By Sen. Mark Schoesler

This week the governor imposed a new two-phase, region-based “Healthy Washington” plan to which took effect Monday, January 11, 2021. The six counties partially or completely within the 9th are part of a nine-county block the governor calls the “East” region. The region is dominated by Spokane County, in the sense that its population of 522,600 people is almost twice that of the region’s eight other counties combined: Adams (20,450), Asotin (22,640), Ferry (7,910), Franklin (96,760), Garfield (2,225), Lincoln (11,050), Pend Oreille (13,850), Stevens (45,920) and Whitman (50,480) counties (totaling 271,285).

Company seeking to mitigate water

GARFIELD COUNTY–The Crown Columbia Water Resources of Spokane, is seeking appropriations of existing and future water rights of public waters in the Columbia River Basin within Washington State for the purposes of irrigation, domestic and municipal usages. This water will be fully mitigated (so existing users are not negatively impacted.)

Riot gear on loan to military

By Ken Klippenstein

WASHINGTON, D. C.–A cause of the delay of the DC National Guard, not previously reported, is that the DC National Guard lacked riot gear because much of it was in the possession of active-duty military personnel. It had been lent to them this summer as part of Trump’s controversial plans to deploy active-duty military to subdue protests, according to a current law enforcement official familiar with the matter.

Snap Mask Sports and WIAA join “In-Game Masks Partnership

RENTON–Snap Mask Sports (SMS) and the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association have jointly announced a partnership. Snap Mask Sports is the leader in custom face masks that can be worn during practice and competition to enhance safety for all sports and activities. The WIAA joins the state associations of Louisiana, New Mexico, Nevada, and Oregon as the latest to partner with Snap Mask Sports.

Accessing your legislation

By Rep. Joe Schmick

COLFAX–It is critical more than ever that you stay involved as much as possible in the legislative process, holding your elected leaders accountable and to have a voice in your state government. You can access many meaningful links to connect with this the process. Visit the website here to access your remote connection.


Also, if testifying in a virtual committee meeting go to the following site:



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