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Having an opinion could get you hurt or harshly judged


January 28, 2021

POMEROY–It’s terrifying being my age right now because the country we will soon be working in and governing is very divided and horrifying. Do I completely understand everything that is happening? No, not necessarily. I do know that a lot of what is going on is not what was intended for the United States. I never thought that having an opinion could get you hurt or harshly judged.

I know a lot of people my age who are irritated at the decisions adults have made and the results of those decisions. How are we supposed to pick up the pieces and rebuild our country if all we see is destruction, violence and hate? Because I don’t know the depth of dismantlement occurring from the present political decisions being made now, doesn’t upset me, but the way some chose to emotionally respond, does.

It appears some people, maybe Americans or maybe people from outside the United States, not really sure who yet because it hasn’t been investigated, are acting like toddlers, throwing temper tantrums. And about what? Is it the election? The inauguration? COVID-19? Lack of jobs? The downfall of the economy?

Just what are they reacting too? Whatever it is, I know we have the right to react to how things are being handled, but there is a correct way to go about it. We were taught appropriate ways to show our emotions and a lot of what we are seeing now doesn’t resemble how Americans generally deal with issues, making it a very unpredictable and dangerous time for our country.

On a positive note, sports is coming soon to the Pomeroy Schools…we hope. How it will look is anybody’s guess. We will just keep looking forward to getting some sport activity back into our school life.

I hope everyone had an amazing week while enjoying the beautiful snow. Thumbs up to the start of school athletics.


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