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January 13, 2022

To the editor,

I have enjoyed the letters to the editor from Eric McKiernan including the most recent in the 1st edition of 2022. There are few who are brave enough to stand up publicly for conservatism, morals and freedom by word or actions.

I’m certain there is an audience ready and waiting for one of their own to say what they know to be true, and to give them courage to do the same here in our community and in other communities where subscribers (former Garfield County residents and friends) are reading this paper.

Appreciate you, Eric.

Ann Blachly

Pomeroy, Wash.

To the editor,

The skewed collection of limited thinking via a recent letter has been amusing; however, it’s time to be the mouthpiece of common sense and facts.

So-Called Republicans (SCR), those who worship at the altar of the loser former guy, have taken over their party and any civil discourse. Just ask Rep. Liz Cheney. They think like a cult, they act like a cult and democracy means diddly squat. Voting rights for all Americans; completely out the window. They are riding this cult straight into authoritarian Hades, ala Putin and lover boy Kim Jong-un.

In the letter, the SCR describes traveling through Whitman County and Idaho boasting about the abundance of leftover scraps in homage to a loser. Democrats do not count patriotism or election results by tattered flags made in China and vehicles marred by stickers. Elections are determined by the democracy of many and not by one self-serving character that practices autocracy over principle, justice, and equality. Therefore, we have the power knowing Biden and Harris are the rightfully elected occupants of the Oval Office.

The SCR needs a reminder about Economics 101. The first phrase taught is “Supply and Demand.” Gas prices are not determined by the POTUS. They’re determined by four factors: taxes, distribution/marketing, refining costs, and crude oil prices.

As the world breaks from quarantine, travel has finally accelerated after months of almost zero excursions. Food prices have elevated due to labor shortages brought by quarantine. Does the SCR have selective memory about 2020-2021? How shameful to compare facemasks, health, and safety measures used during a world pandemic to 1930s Germany, an era haunted by mass poverty, deadly extremism, and war. How shameful to make a Christmas parade political. There is no proof a Wisconsin madman had political alliances, unlike the extreme right-wing alliances of the insurrection and destruction of our nation’s Capital.

SCRs parrot the buzzwords “Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been brought into public schools,” a distraction used by the right-wing media. CRT was developed over forty years ago by law professors and today is used in post-grad Juris Doctor programs– not in public schools.

Considering the emphasis the SCR placed regarding VP Kamala Harris, perhaps he feels emasculated by women in power? As my mother used to say, “Bless his heart.”

Jamie Carothers

Pomeroy, Wash.

To the editor,

As a free-thinking American, I take exception, to all those who believe Trump’s lies that the election was stolen from him. For those of you who still believe that, and who still refuse to see the truth, and are still being led by this con man, I say it’s time to wake up out of your fog. Trumps own AG has stated that no fraud was detected in the election, and the Secretaries of State and officers who monitored the elections from Republican controlled legislatures, all sanctioned the results even Arizona’s bogus cyber ninja circus couldn’t find fraud.

The supreme court’s Trumpian additions dismissed all the challenges to the election because there was no evidence produced, so even with all the screaming and complaining from the republicans or Trump’s base, no evidence was produced, lots of theories and bogus ideas have been pushed by the right-wing loudspeaker Fox not so news, but no real factual evidence that was introduced into court, or it would have been. Nada no evidence just BS and theories. Even the most uneducated person would have to agree, that the election wasn’t stolen and by most standards the last election was the most scrutinized election in American history.

Another thing, wayyyy before the election ever began, Trump was setting up his base for the big lie, by spewing untruths that if he didn’t win the election, it was because it was stolen from him, he even tried to coerce the head elections from Georgia to find just one more vote than he lost by, con man working the gullible. Trump was priming his gullible base wayyyyyyyy before the election, by the way, when did the minority become the majority, when did the minority ever rule?

It’s time for the sane Americans to tell Trump’s base to shut the hell up and sit the hell down, I’m tired of these crybabies and their drivel. Just because they scream louder doesn’t make them the majority, and screaming louder doesn’t make them correct either.

That’s my take on it and I stand by it. The truth is the truth. Live with it.

William J. Bragg

Pomeroy, Wash.

To the editor,

I grew up in a Garfield County at the knee of a life-long Republican mother who believes in vaccination and masks. My father, a World War II vet, likely was a Republican too. Both sets of grandparents were Republicans. One of them told me if John Kennedy hadn’t been assassinated, he would have been the first Democrat she had ever voted for. I have genuine Republican roots with a little independent streak in me.

I remember betting a fellow fifth grader Eisenhower would win over A. Stevenson, collected on that bet. I was a huge admirer of John Kennedy but when he was assassinated, I became an admirer of Goldwater, much to the dismay of a beloved Ag. Teacher of the time. Goldwater lost that election in Garfield County by a vote of 49% to Johnson’s 51%.

Prior to Trump I don’t recall seeing flags with a Presidents name on them, it seems like a cult symbol. I would rather choose flying a WSU Cougar flag over any Presidential flag regardless of political party. I don’t remember my parents or grandparents having an American flag on display all the time, perhaps on the 4th of July but no flagpole necessary to say I am patriotic.

I am a proud American who currently finds the Democratic party preferable over Republicans, but I have previously voted for Republicans when they seemed like the best choice. I detest extremism whether it comes from the right or the left. I know many Republicans that I have counted as friends, hope I still have some. I know some Democrats I don’t much like. I try not to choose who to call friend by the political party they choose to identify with now.

I don’t approve of lying, stealing, or cheating. When I grew up gas was 30 cents per gallon, beef steak was a dollar a pound and I earned 1.56/hour at Dyes. Now all that is higher, damn Democrats!!

I lost the election for Pomeroy Chapter FFA President, I blamed the McGreevy fraud machine. My brother Cliff told me get over it, you are just not that popular. He was never my favorite brother, but I got over it and became an adult.

Tom Fitzsimmons

Pomeroy, Wash.


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