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Shooters holding their own close to Camas Prairie wrap-up

POMEROY–Local Gun Club shooters are holding their own at the eighth week of Camas Prairie Competition. Some may move to a higher placement as other shooters will remain the same.

Pomeroy Gun Club members were again hampered by Gusty Winds in week eight of the 10 Week Camas Prairie Competition. Conditions were especially bad for the Youth shooters on Saturday, February 26.

During Saturday’s shoot, the best score recorded by a 12-year-old and under shooter was an 11 of 25 shot by Carter Barron in the 16-yard competition. Barron led the Youngsters with a 10 in Handicap.

Top Sub Junior score for the weekend in 16-yard shooting was a 22 shot by Braxton McKeirnan, Ollie Severs posted a 21 and Gunner Magill had a 20. Magill returned on Sunday and popped a 24 while shooting ahead for the following week and that score was available to be used to boost the Adult Clubs Day. Magill led the Sub Juniors with a 21 in Handicap and Severs posted a 20.

The Junior shooters were paced in the 16-yard event by the 22 of Troy Steele and Nick Hasting put a 21 on the scoreboard. Junior Magill had a 23 in Handicap to lead that group.

The Adults had a somewhat better day on Sunday but there still was a fairly stiff easterly wind in the shooters faces and a broken snow background to shoot into. Holly Ledgerwood battled the conditions beautifully along with some trap machine troubles and toughed it out to record the club’s only 25 of the week. Tracy Hanger and Gunner Magill’s 24 were a target off the pace as the Girls and Juniors pretty much carried the Adults in week eight. Jim Adams, Lee Blachly, and Clark Capwell posted 23s for the week. In Handicap Steve Brown had a 24 and Sean Beale and Tracy Hanger posted 23s.

Luke Ledgerwood and Richard Madden had 23s to lead the Continental shooting while Lee Blachly, Larry Bunch, Ben Feider, Buck Geiger, Tracy Hanger, and Travis Ledgerwood all posted 22s.

Jim Adams had the top Doubles score with a 45 and Larry Bunch and Travis Ledgerwood had 44s. Tracy Hanger had a 43 and Brady Bott posted a 42.

After eight weeks, the Juniors are in eighth place in the 24 Club Field with little chance of moving up do to being eight targets behind the nearest club. The Senior Club is in 13th place and could make a move on Nez Perce and Cottonwood as they are within two targets of those two clubs.

The teams will compete again this weekend in week nine as they close in on the completion of this year’s 10-week competition. The Camas Prairie registered shoot will be held in Walla Walla from March 17–20 and the club barbecue and potluck, annual meeting and Awards day will be held Sunday March 27 at the club to complete this year’s league season.

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