More Christmas Writings from Pomeroy Elementary

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!


December 29, 2022

Elizabeth Waldher


Dear Santa, I've been Really Good this Year, Except......

When I cut my hair in class and said I didn't to Mrs. Waldher.

Please bring me a toy kitchen for Christmas. Love,

Silja Severson

I hid from the bus driver and missed the bus and Mrs. Lankammer had to drive us to school.

I want a remote-control snake for Christmas, please.

Love, Harrison Stallcop

I stole mommy's makeup and put it on me and mommy found out. I had to go to the corner. Please bring me a rainbow scarf and gloves for Christmas. Love, Kennady Lovgren

When I was rude to my sister and didn't want to hug her. I would like Mario Race for Christmas.

Love, Claire Nagle

I took a Frisbee out of a box when I wasn't supposed to. I really want some play-doh and slime for Chrismtas.

Love, Aurora Lyman

I was not very nice to my friends when playing. I want a dollhouse for Christmas and Frozen toys.

Love, Alesana Adelsberger

My mom told me not to get candy and I snuck out of bed and got some.

Please bring me a Hot Wheels set for Christmas.

Love, Cash Hyer

When I jumped on mama's bed. I would like Paw Patrol Mashems for Chrismas, please.

Love, Gardenia Morfin

When I was fighting with my cousin, Chase. We didn't wrestle, we just hit. I really want a Nintendo Switch for Christmas.

Love, Roy Ledgerwood

I was making a painting after my mom told me not to do it. For Christmas I would like a Batman Lego set.

Love, Roman Vasquez

I kicked in the screen in my mom's car because my brother BoBoy made me so mad.

She had to get a new one.

Please bring me a makeup set and lipstick for Christmas!

Love, Katie Burnstad

One time I threw my tablet on the bed when it died. Then my mom took it away.

For Christmas I want 10 LOL dolls and 2 Blippy toys

Love, Raistlin Thomas

I was throwing bad candy into the streets on Halloween. Please bring me a makeup set that you can make by yourself.

Love, Jordyn Hames

When I was yelling at Boone in the car and mom said she was going to have to pull the car over if I didn't stop. Please bring me new pink notebook to draw and write in.

Love, Lois Klaveano

On Halloween I accidentally snuck my candy when I told mom I was going to get my toy cat.

Santa, please bring me a puppy for Christmas.

Love, Faith DeBord

I trashed my house when I played with my toys and didn't pick them up.

Please bring me some boxing gloves for Christmas.

Love, Jayson Rager

I threw my books and then I squeezed my water bottle so hard it broke. Santa, please bring me a hover board for Christmas.

Love, Ayden Davis


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