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February 27, 2020

To the editor,

Over the past few months, between my family members and me, we have utilized the Emergency Room at our local hospital four times. I honestly don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t had such competent and caring medical help that was so accessible. I ended up spending three days in the Garfield County Hospital and could not ask for better care. When my visiting daughter unexpectedly needed ER services, she and her husband were thrilled they didn’t have to “take a number and wait several hours” for medical help. I believe we will sorely miss the availability of the services offered our community through our current medical district. I do wish there was a more equitable way to share the financial burden because we all benefit from having all these services so readily accessible.

I strongly encourage you to support our hospital district in the coming election. Once these services are gone, we will all be making trips “across the hill” for all our medical needs.

Jennie Odell

Pomeroy, Wash.

To the editor,

PCOs, Republican Officials, and Central Committee members; just a heads up that the statewide caucus is this coming Saturday, February 29. A meeting is planned at the Nazarene Church from 10 a.m.–2 p.m. Please come and encourage anyone you know from your precinct to attend. The purpose of the caucus is to select delegates from each precinct to the county convention and to determine our county platform and resolutions going forward. This will make our state-mandated convention, to be held in April much easier.

I know I do not have the email addresses for everyone who may be interested, so please don’t hesitate to encourage and invite those you think would be interested. Refreshments will be served and it is hoped as many as possible will attend.

Cindy Klaveano

Pomeroy, Wash.

To the editor,

I hate to be a non-nostalgic, nay-sayer in this non-progressive periodical we proudly call our local newspaper but...my vote for the Hospital Levy will be NO at this point. Sorry.

With medical expenses taking over one third of my income, an infrastructure below our feet needing $1 million worth of work, a small school district that needs more funding, and a hospital with a poor performance record, I can’t afford to throw good money after bad anymore.

I have listened to the reasons and most have been to create or keep employment here in Garfield County. Admirable, but not my first concern. I’m a property owner who will actually pay for it and a senior citizen with medical issues who needs to watch his finances.

There is too much else that needs fixing. Insulin costs for example. While building or re-building this hospital system, people are going to die because they can no longer afford the $400 plus price on this life-giving drug. If you ask me, your priorities are not with the people who pay the bills.

I ask other property owners to consider the costs, past performance, and lack of planning, and not feel guilty voting no.

Jim Mahaffey

Pomeroy, Wash.


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