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Garfield County COVID-19 free


April 30, 2020

POMEROY–Garfield County still remains COVID-19 free, according to Garfield County Health District Administrator Martha Lanman, but Asotin County has one case and five more in Walla Walla County as of the Garfield County Commissioners meeting on April 20.

The Health District wants the community to stay vigilant and stay home, Lanman said.She stated that the new presidential guidelines are allowing businesses with 10 or fewer employees to reopen, but locally, Garfield County is following state-guided openings.

About 4,500 tests are being done each day, and according to the Governor’s office and State Public Health office, new shipments of testing materials should be received within the week. Lanman expects that the local health district will be able to test anyone who wishes to be tested in the next week to 10 days, with a two–day result.

As businesses reopen, monitoring people will take occur in the work place. Garfield County preparing for more positive test results by seeking more help at the health district. Individuals will be trained by May 8, 2020. Each positive test result, imposes three additional people to be monitored.

Three Board of Health resolutions were approved by the County Commissioners. Resolution 2020-10 allowing $9,150 for Emergency Housing between April 15–June 14, 2020 for people requiring isolation outside their home. The Commissioners were concerned that the resolution was not worded to specifically fund Garfield County residents only. Lanman reasonably sure money will stay locally, but will affirm.

Resolution 2020-11 allows for a contract with the Department of Commerce for $6,720 to provide 18 rooms for isolation housing in Garfield County, for April 15, 2020, through May 15, 2020.

Resolution 2020-12 an increase in emergency preparedness response and allocation for the first allotment of $150,000, which is funded by the Federal and State COVID-19. It is effective April 20, 2020.

The Commissioners agree that the purchase of protective shields to be used in the courthouse offices is warranted. The plastic barriers will mostly likely be in the form of temporary, portable, desk-top guards, costing an estimated $150–$200 per guard, depending on size and shape. Dixon stated he will look into available funding.

The Sheriff’s department is ordering person protection equipment through the private sector rather than the state. They are receiving shipments slowly, but quicker than through the state.


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