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POMEROY–Someone very close to my heart said to me “If you can only think about the possibility of failure, how can you ever hope to see success?” Fear is such a powerful idea, but if that is all it is, an idea, why is it so powerful?

This notion we call fear, prevents us from doing so many things, good and bad. It stops us from breaking the rules or making a not-so-wise decision that could change our lives forever. It can also stop us from starting something new, letting us expand our world in great ways and living our lives successfully. Why do we allow ourselves to become a victim to this “idea” fear?

For me, it’s the fear of failure is one of the main reasons which stops me from starting new things or the fear of disappointing those whose opinion I value. People tell me to stop caring so much about what people think, but it’s something I’ve always valued.

Fear is a ridiculous idea, but we give into it so often making it difficult to move past it. However, when one chooses to defy “fear”, it’s so worth it. Too many times we let the idea of failing or the idea of what people are going to think stop us before we can even imagine what good can come of it. It’s amazing to me that this little four-letter word has so much power over even the strongest of people. Imagine if we were to always let fear determine our every choice. Now imagine if we were to conquer our “fear” letting good sense be our guide in deciding what next. What if we didn’t fear. What then?

I hope you have a wonderful week and living your life to the fullest without fear!

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