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A Teen's Take


November 19, 2020

POMEROY–COVID–19 has really taken a toll on us, especially teenagers. It has taken away social interaction which develops people skills, but it has certainly expanded our ability to text, message, tweet, Tik Tok, Snap Chat, ZOOM, Google and a host of other technological venues to stay in touch and meet. Something that was limited or forbidden in our previous life.

For us, without the pandemic, we texted and chatted with each other all the time, but really liked talking to each other in person and doing things outside our homes or school. Now with COVID-19 however, it has become acceptable for us to text all the time and avoid face-to-face interaction. That alone increased kids with social anxiety and anti-social behaviors even further.

I have always been out going, participating in sports, hanging out with friends, but have found staying at home prohibits me from excelling in all aspects of my life, namely building people skills. Months without any human connection has not benefited me very well.

For adults, it appears not to be such a big deal, probably because they got years of talking to people in, developing communication skills and an identity. But for teenagers, our interaction skills were already mediocre at best due to technology and our constant need to hide behind a screen.

I just wonder what the impact it is going to have on us five years from now when we have to go for jobs interviews, or have to relate to people in person without the crutch of social media or ZOOM to hide behind. This may sound minor, and some may say we’ll get over it, but I really think there is an issue here for America’s youth.

We have some major catching up to do and now that we are going into lockdown again. I don’t know how this upcoming generation is going to manage their futures in the real world. I just hope there’s a better solution to this than the current one we have.

I hope everyone had a great week. Stay safe and social distance.


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