A Teen's Take


November 26, 2020

POMEROY–“Actions speak louder than words” is something my mom used to tell me and I said I understood what she was saying, but the truth is, I didn’t really give it much thought.It wasn’t until over the last few weeks, that phrase really started to sink in. I have learned some people say one thing, but their body language or outward actions tell me they don’t mean what they say at all. For instance, people may say they are alright and everything is great, but their actions indicate something different. I used to only listen to their words, but have discovered by watching people, how they move and facial reactions, I get a sense of what they really thinking and feeling. It’s like a window into their head and heart.I often wonder why people are unable to express what they truly mean with words. Is it because they are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings, or don’t know themselves what they are trying to say? I think many times we think we are saying what we mean, but subconsciously sending out physical messages giving the opposite effect. It could be multiple reasons.

It took me sixteen years to come to the realization to what my mom was saying when she said words don’t always convey the true meaning of a conversation. So, I think it could be beneficial to take in the words and observe behaviors to get a clear picture. I hope everyone has a wonderful week while staying safe and enjoying your turkey dinner. Happy Thanksgiving!


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