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Public Works amendment reallocates $100,000

POMEROY–Garfield County Engineer Grant Morgan presented the 6-year-plan amendment 2021-07 at the Garfield County Commissioners meeting July 19. The amendment reallocates $100,000 that was not used on the Bell Plain Road guardrail project to the Preservation Project, a plan to fix specific paved county roads. Due to rising asphalt prices, the planned overlay will have to become a patching job.

The American Rescue Plan provides Garfield County with $435,000 that comes with a requirement to obligate its use by 2024, and to spend it by 2026. Commissioner Justin Dixon stressed the need to coordinate all department heads to create a budget for the funds that encompasses all their needs.

Drought conditions are affecting the roads just as they are affecting everything else, and the lack of moisture as well as harvest traffic are causing the gravel roads to deteriorate. Morgan explained when the road loses the ground moisture the gravel loosens. It can then be scraped to the side, but that exposes the road structure beneath which begins to deteriorate causing dust pockets, breaking through the road bed, and causing the base layer of larger rocks to rise to the surface. Nothing can be done to effectively fix it until we have ground moisture again.

Commissioner Jim Nelson stressed the need to slow down on the roads to lessen the deterioration, and the need for patience with the conditions. We will have rain again, and the roads will be fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime, the County Road Crew are doing what they can to keep the roads in shape. “If anyone has a complaint, you have to call me,” said Morgan. “Give me an opportunity to help.”

A Board of Adjustment member position is open and the BOCC are beginning the process of finding a community member to fill it.

Garfield County Fair Board President Sara Lunsford came to the board with a request for additional handicap parking spaces for the County Fair. Temporary spaces will be assigned at fair time, marked with signs. The temporary signs will allow the fair board to determine where the location will best suit the need, as well as how many additional spaces will be needed.

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