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Thanksgiving Delights

Mrs. Waldher's Kindergarten Class and Kindergarteners from Mrs. Cannon's K-1 class at Pomeroy Elementary School recently put their creative minds to some inventive ways to cook an entreé for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday meal. Bon appétit!

Kanin’s Gingerbread Man

Kanin Koller: Age 6


A bag full of sugar

2 C. flour

2 purple gum drops

Frosting for a face and eyes

10 chocolates

Directions: Get a gingerbread slicer and a tray. Mix the dough with the chocolate before you slice it. Put the gumdrops on and the frosting for his face. The gumdrops go on his chest and bellybutton. Set the oven to 10 degrees. Put them in for 10 minu...

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