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Larry Ledgerwood appointed vice chair of county commissioners

POMEROY–The Garfield County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) approved Resolutions 2022-03, 2022-04, 2022-05, 2022-06 and appointed a new board chairman.

The commissioners approved resolutions to address inter-fund loans. Resolution 2022-03 forgives the loans made from the Current Expense fund to the Solid Waste Management, Fair, and Mental Health Building funds. The total amount forgiven is $26,200. Resolution 2022-04 calls in a loan made from the Current Expense fund to the Mental Health fund for $12,037. The loan was made so long ago that the original resolution cannot be found. To the best of memory, discussion indicated, it was made in the 1960s or 1970s. The loan was called in without interest. Resolution 2022-05 calls in a loan made to the Garfield County Transportation Authority in 2017, for $5,000. Resolution 2022-06 calls in a loan made to the E911 in 2002, for $7,100.

Chairman Justin Dixon appointed Commissioner Larry Ledgerwood to serve as vice-chair during the board meeting on January 24. Commissioner Ledgerwood will run meetings and have authority to sign documents in the absence of Chairman Dixon.

In other business, Danika Gwinn of Quality Behavioral Health discussed activities and programs which involved the Pomeroy School District. They have created drug infraction and in-school discipline policies as well as hiring a consultant to review the policies. QBH is also beginning a Substance Use Disorder Recovery Navigator Program, a two-year, non-treatment program intended to reach people where they are and draw them to help. It is a strictly voluntary program.

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