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Hospital to undergo $1.4 million electrical system upgrade

POMEROY–The Garfield County Hospital District Board of Commissioners passed Resolution 22-04, funding for the hospital electrical upgrade; renewal of medical privileges, and Resolutions 22-02 and 22-03 at the meeting on March 7.

The resolution approves funding for upgrading the electrical system at the Garfield County Memorial Hospital which has a total expected cost of $1,400,000. The project will be funded by a grant from the Unites States Department of Agriculture for $1,000,000, $250,000 from the Group Healthcare Foundation, $500,000 from Primera Empire Health, and $100,000 that the Hospital District has set aside for it.

The board also passed a renewal of medical privileges for Dr. Chris Iacobelli and Nurse Practitioner Courtney Travis. The medical privilege allows them to provide service at Hospital District facilities. The renewal is valid for two years.

Also passed at the meeting were Resolutions 22-02 which adds Juneteenth to the list of paid holidays for the Hospital District and Resolution 22-03 approving the surplus of two dryer units, a 75-pound 1996 dryer and a 50-pound 1981 dryer. The units will be scrapped.

The board conducted a bi-annual review of the governing bylaws of the Board of Commissioners. No changes were made.

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