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Drew Hyer leads Kurt Miller in preliminary election results

POMEROY–Mid-term elections have closed and preliminary results show 64.43% of Garfield County turning out to vote, and the one contested race shows Drew Hyer leading by 86 points against Kurt Miller which is an approximate 9% spread at the time of this writing (November 9, 2022). There are 201 remaining county ballots to count.

In the State of Washington, Garfield County has 1687 registered voters and 1,087 voters or 64.43% came out to vote in this mid-term election which is second only to Columbia County at 68%. The State has 4,805,688 registered voters and only 36.07% of them came for this mid-term. The remaining ballots yet to be counted in the state is 634,848.

Garfield County results for local positions are: County Assessor Brian Bartels with 842-96.01%, Writ-in-35-3.99%, Total votes 877; County Auditor McKenzie Lueck received 929-98.83%, Write-in-11-1.17%, Total votes 940; County Clerk Marie Gormsen 899-96.98%, Writ-in 28-3.02%, Total votes -927; County Commissioner No. 3 Justin E. Dixon 798-93.99%, Write-in-51-6.01%, Total votes 849; County Prosecutor Matt L. Newberg 861-97.07%, Write-in-26-2.93%, Total votes 887; County Sheriff incumbent Drew W. Hyer 572-54.86%; challenger Kurt Miller (R) 486-45.76%, Write-in-4 0.38%, Total votes 851; District Court Judge Thomas W. Cox-860-98.4%, Write-in 14-1.6%, Total votes 874.

Many County results differ from the State outcomes, but some conformed to the ideology of the dominating trend.

County and State results are as follows: County: Advisory No. 39, Repealed 827–80.45%, Maintain 201-19.55%-1,028 total votes; State: Advisory No. 39-Repealed 970,061-59.24%-Maintain 667,414-40.76%, Total votes 1,637,475; County: Advisory No. 40-Repealed 759-74.93%, Maintain-254-25.07%, Total votes 1,013; State: Advisory No. 40-Repealed 826,729-53.03%, Maintain 764,194-46.97%, Total votes 1,626,923; County: U.S. Senate-Patty Murray (D)-264-24.77%, Tiffany Smiley (R)-799-74.95%, -Write-in-3-0.28%, Total votes 1066; State: U.S. Senate-Patty Murray-980-199-56.92%, Tiffany Smiley-738.618-42.89%, Total votes 1,722.064; County: U.S. Rep.-Cathy McMorris Rodgers-852-80.45%-Natasha Hill-203-10.17%-Write-in-4-0.38%, Total votes 1059; State: U. S. Representative-Cathy McMorris Rodgers-113,299-59.11%, Natasha Hill-77,977-40.69%, Total votes 191,659; County: Secretary of State-Steve Hobbs (D)-270-28.1%-Julie Anderson (NP)-672-69.93%, Total votes 961; State: Secretary of State-Steve Hobbs (D)-834,206-49.97%, Julie Anderson (NP)-783,268-46.92%, Write-in-51,821-3.1%, Total votes 1,669,295; County: Washington State Rep. Mary Dye (R-9)-900-98.36 %, Write-in-15-1.64%, Total votes 915; 9th District: State Rep. Mary Dye (R-9)-30,018-96.41%-Write-In-1,118-3.59%, Total votes 31,136; County: Washington State Rep Joe Schmick-876-98.65%, Write-in 12-1.35%, Total votes 888; 9th District: Joe Schmick (R-9) 29,125-96.27%, Write-in-1,128-3.37%, Total votes 30, 253; County: Supreme Court Justice Pos. No 1: Mary I. Yu-649-97.74%, Write-in-15-2.26%, Total 664; State: Supreme Court Pos. No. 1-Mary I. Yu-132,280-97.58%, Write-in-28,108-2.42%, Total votes 1,160,388; County: Supreme Court Justice Pos. No. 5: Barbara Madsen-658-98.06%, Write-in-13-1.94%, Total Votes 671; State: Supreme Court Pos. No. 5 Barbara Madsen-1,121,393-97.93%-Write-in-23,753-2.07%, Total votes 1,145,146; County: Supreme Court Justice Pos. No. 6: G. Helen Whitener-656-98.2%, Write-in-12-1.8%, Total Votes 668; State: Supreme Court Pos. No. 6 G. Helen Whitener-1,110489-97.93%, Write-in-23,469-2.07%, Total votes 1,133,958; and County: Court of Appeals, Division. 3, District 2 Judge Position No 1 George Fearing 667-98.38%, Write-in-11-1.62%, Total votes 678, District: George Fearing 62,458-98.96%, Write-in-654-1.04%, Total votes 63,202.

County and State results are certified on November 29, 2022.