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February 2, 2023

To the editor,

Equal Justice in Asotin, Garfield and Columbia Counties. A former Judge was convicted last summer for Assault in the Third Degree with Sexual Motivation and Assault in the Fourth Degree with Sexual Motivation in Asotin County Superior Court Case No. 19-1-00066-02. He was just given a slap on the hand for punishment with only 15 months is prison. He presided over many bench trials in Asotin, Garfield and Columbia Counties. It is a constitutional right that all those that had bench trials with the corrupt judge should have new trials with an Honorable Judge and with competent representation. Motions for new trials have been sent to the Washington State Court of Appeals and have been ignored. The Asotin County and Washington State Court system need to be investigated for violating the rights of it's citizens.

The following link tells how the judges conduct violated the Code of Judicial Conduct:


Marvin Jackson

Clarkston, Wash.

To the editor,

At the request of several EW readers and supporters of a free and honest America, I was asked to respond to the letter to the editor from Seattle. I had no intention to validate that letter, but I must admit that I was impressed that the Seattle letter entertained me more than most woke gibberish.

Most letters to the EW from the left generally have one thing in common; they use as many words as possible to say as little as possible. The one from Seattle said nothing using as few words as necessary, and that I did enjoy. When the left squirts out New Speak from their hearts, be considerate of the reader. If you are familiar with my letters then you know I lean conservative.

When first I made contact with the EW in letter, I was hounded by our local Wokesters. Again, I wrote and then was molested from Spokane. Liberals don't grow on trees up there; they crawl from low places. This last time it came from Seattle. Do you see a pattern developing? ChazChopville, summer of love, the place where they want to kill cops. Seattle boasts that their morgue is beyond capacity with fentanyl overdose deaths. I'm honored but not content until I get a razzing from Portland, the epicenter of obtuse.

At our last class reunion, a good friend of mine said that after I left the Saturday gathering one of our classmates went on a tangent about how white men have ruined the world and other wonderful lefty propaganda. That Dem spent many years in college, but then again there must be chairs at Harvard that have spent more time in higher education than he did and are probably just as wooden between the ears. He resides in Oregon. Now you can connect the dots. Just working my way up the ladder of disappointment.

If I get a response from Portland then the next stop should be the swamp. Washington D.C. where 98% of the residents are JoBots. JoBot, it's a noun by the way. It's a fancy way to say democrat, someone incapable of independent thought. They are a cloud of locusts, moving and acting as one organism.

Recently, slow Joe gave a speech on MLK day. He should have plagiarized someone else's speech like he usually does, but no, he went to the Biden tree of simple minded and plucked out a doozie. He could have gone with his ever popular "black kids are just as smart as white kids" speech, or his "If you don't vote for Joe, then you ain't black, man." Could have gone with his "Indian accents run convenience stores" speech. Just to be inclusive. Then he sang Happy Birthday. Google it and listen to what a trained democrat can do. It's a treat.

Getting back to Seattle. Maybe little towns like this need to grow up and start supplying drugs to children. Maybe we need homeless people, needles and fecal matter filling our streets. Their drag queen shows are the biggest gift the left has given us since stealing the election. Wokeness is the birthplace of CRT, the sexualizing of pre-pubescent humans and the destruction of the Constitution, along with hatred of police, white and asian people. When can we be grown up like our big relatives in Spokane, Seattle, Tacoma and a few other undesirable places? They set the bar at a level that only gophers can see. "Let's go Brandon!"

Eric Mckeirnan

Pomeroy, Wash.


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