Guest Commentary

Forgiving student debt


March 16, 2023

By Eric E. McKeirnan

Guest Columnist

Since this administration has yet to have one good idea, let us kick around forgiving student debt for a while, because the odds are, in this deluded person’s favor, that someday he will get something right, if only by accident.

The students who are begging for forgiveness of the loan that they knowingly took out fall into two major categories: first, Doctors, lawyers and some other fields that will have an annual income potential equaling a small truckload of cash; second, the under achievers who only went to college to party, with an estimated income potential of, I don’t know for sure…how much is McDonalds’s paying right now?

See that girl working as a coffee barista? Yes, her. She has two degrees from a state university. Her first degree is in African American Studies. Do not underestimate the number of jobs screaming out for that specialty. Her second degree is in “Taylor Swift Lyrics” …You think I’m joking? You would be wrong. It exists.

It makes perfect sense that people who went to a two-year trade school which put them on the right side of a paycheck, or others who found something right out of school that turned them into responsible, taxpaying citizens, end up picking up the bill for this hideously brainless idea of forgiving student debt.

I read something recently that said “there is no such thing as government funded. There is only taxpayer funded.”

How about this? It is a heck of an idea; it just came to me. What if, when we the people vote to pick the things we want to support, if Democrats want to pay for free education for all, knock your socks off! Send them the bill for it. They have the backing from wealthy Mexican Cartels and China through the drug trade here and abroad.

I will tell you what I’ll do. If they take away Federal income tax, I’ll think about it.

Do you know why Democrats endorse this bailout? It’s because hardly any of them actually produce something. They wish to make someone else pay for it, so what the heck, it makes them look like Robin Hood. It buys votes.

Remember the quote from Ron White, “you can’t fix stupid”? If it were possible, they would have done something about Biden before now.


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