Pomeroy Class of 2023 Senior Projects


June 1, 2023

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Tyler Bagby and Braedon Fruh made improvements at the Pomeroy Gun Club.

The Gun Club

By Tyler Bagby and Braedon Fruh

The senior project we did was at the Pomeroy Gun Club. Tyler and Braedon built a backstop behind the 200-yard gong. We brought a bunch of locust logs and a pickup load of dirt. We then built a wall with the logs and placed the dirt behind the wall of logs. Next, we packed all the dirt in hard. That way it will last a long time and will not just fall over.

The Beef Barn

By Kendall Dixon and Trevin Kimble

During the summer of 2022 we completed our senior project. We chose to improve the look and quality of the Garfield County 4-H and FFA beef barn. Our project plan was to; take down old and damaged boards, pull out all the staples, pressure wash the entire barn, paint the barn with the original 4 colors, prime and paint the new boards, and then to finish it we drilled new tie out holes. We were able to successfully complete the project by the 2022 Fair and received many compliments. We enjoyed doing the project and learning new skills that will better our future.

The Community Scholarship

By Jillian Herres and Chase Caruso

This year Chase and Jillian took on the role of completing and running the 2023 Community Scholarship. From summer to the end of March, Chase and Jillian raised money to be given away to students in the 2023 graduating class; they were not eligible for the scholarship as it was their project. They raised money for the Community Scholarship by setting wagons out at all home basketball games and selling raffle tickets for each wagon. Multiple businesses within and surrounding Pomeroy helped by creating a wagon to raffle off or just donating money towards the scholarship. Each ticket was sold for $10 apiece and offered people a chance to win one of the wagons which were valued from $500 to $1,500. The wagon winners were announced at the Community Dinner on March 11, where the community also gathered to meet the graduating class and look at senior boards that Chase and Jillian had their classmates create. Chase and Jillian appreciate everyone who helped with their project and participated in the event.

The Pirate Partners

Katie Boyer and KayLee Schmidt decided to start the Pirate Partners Youth Coalition within Pomeroy High School. Their goal was to bring awareness to substance abuse and provide healthier alternatives to those who struggle with substances or mental illnesses. They sponsored many events such as Prom and Homecoming and provided fun activities for the student body to participate in. As leaders of their senior project, they got the opportunity to go to Washington, D.C., to attend a leadership conference along with the future leaders of the Pirate Partners. Katie and KayLee were very excited and accomplished amazing things within their community.

The Food Bank

Brodie Magill, Sidney Bales, and I decided we were going to bring back skate night as our senior project. Our biggest point was wanting to have an event where everyone could join in. We wanted to be able to have kids of all ages join in on the fun. We were able to donate over $1,000 dollars to non-profit organizations right here in Pomeroy! What is more fun than skating with your friends and eating pizza? This was the best way we could think of, to make it a whole community involvement. We were so grateful to spend time with the kids and be able to give back at the same time. We loved picking out different games for them to play and coming up with exciting contests.

Mt. Misery Snowdrifters

By Trevin Walton

My name is Trevin Walton and for my 2022-2023 senior project I chose to work in collaboration with the Mt. Misery Snowdrifters. I was able to make improvements to the Teal Warm Up Shack and plasma cut two signs for the club. The improvements to the shack I have made are covering the peaks of the shack with tin. This was done to hold in heat better and keep the elements out of the shack. I also filled the eaves of the shack with bird blocks to increase the insulation of the cabin even more. Another part of the project was to plasma cut two metal signs for the club with a design of their choice. These signs will be hung at the Misery Warm Up Shack and the Teal Shack to show support for the Snowdrifters.

Quilts of Valor

By Rilee Thompson

For my senior project, I sewed a quilt top for Quilts of Valor. The pattern I did is called Old Glory. I decided to do my senior project with Quilts of Valor because I have worked with this organization for four years. I have seen some of the quilts which were given to Veterans. This organization is so important to me because my dad is a veteran and has received a quilt. I was excited to give back to the people who served our country. In total, I spent eight days working on the quilt top, making sure everything met the requirements. The quilts must be at least 55 inches by 65 inches and be made from quality fabrics.

Lunch Serving

By Samuel Lamb

For my senior project, I served lunch at the school cafeteria as much as I could throughout the school year. I left class early at 11:45, walked to the kitchen. Then, I tied my hair up, washed my hands, and put on gloves. After that, I served lunch until 12:05, got my food and left. I chose this as my senior project because last year my friends were servers and I wanted to join them because they got free ice cream sandwiches.

Trash Removal

By Christian Zaval

-Submitted photo

Kendall Dixon and Trevin Kimble worked to improve the look and quality of the Garfield county 4-H and FFA beef barn.

My senior project is all about cleanliness and the amount of trash within our community. I went around picking up trash on the weekends and found what I could collect for at least an hour every month. Before I was done with collecting trash, I took a picture of myself before, during, and after picking up trash, along with a picture of the trash bag. Sometimes I planned to work longer at filling up trash bags and photographing them. This has been done once a month and I went around different areas every time, and logging where I have been, street-wise, creek-wise, park-wise.

Pomeroy Assist Website

By Brady Bott and Jayden Slusser

Our senior project was a website for the Pomeroy Assist. Pomeroy Assist is a nonprofit group which helps assist with utilities, mortgages, and rent, and provides low-income families with gifts for children. Our project helped spread the word about the association and maybe get some donations to continue to do their work. If interested at all check out our website at pomeroyassist.godaddysites.com.


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