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DAYTON–In the article “City appoints Smith to position No. 7,” in the fifth paragraph, due to an editing error, we inadvertently used an improper pronoun in reference to Regina Weldert, one of the candidates for Position No. 7.

It should have read, “The other person seeking appointment to Position No. 7 was Regina Weldert who seeks a better sense of community, to support the small businesses, and follow through with projects. She believes listening to all sides of a controversial issue and build a community that will work together towards resolutions. Weldert also contends that the community is not healthy and successful because of the divisions, as well as the buildings that stand empty. Weldert claimed people have stopped wanting to come to Dayton but recognized that some businesses are moving in and doing well. She went on to say that Dayton will never be what it was because the past is the past and Dayton needs to support one another and work together to move forward into the future.”

The error was unintentional. We regret the error.

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