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September 28, 2023

Ten Years Ago

October 2, 2013

To make the area around Pomeroy Elementary School at 10th and Columbia streets safer for students arriving and departing school, southbound traffic on 10th, between Columbia and Pataha streets, is prohibited during drop-off and pickup times when school is in session. School district superintendent Doug LaMunyan, working with the City of Pomeroy and the Garfield County Sheriff's Office, came up with the plan that would improve safety and "meet the needs of citizens in the area," Mr. LaMunyan said.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

September 30, 1998

Five dads of PHS seniors formed their version of the Village People and were dubbed the Village Idiots during the 1998 'You Had to Be There' homecoming week. They were Jim Kowalkowski, Eric McKeirnan, Curt Claassen, Randy Mulrony and Rod Norland.

Fifty Years Ago

September 27, 1973

Garfield County Cattlemen's Association has organized a program in conjunction with the Washington Cattlemen's Association, to curtail stealing or butchering cattle (and also shooting cattle). The basic program of a reward has been in existence for some time. The reward is offered for information and/or evidence resulting in the arrest, conviction and sentencing of any person or persons stealing or butchering cattle owned by a member of the Cattlemen's Association. The reward includes $500 from the Washington Cattlemen, recently matched by $500 from the County Association-or $1,000 total.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

September 30, 1948

The East Washingtonian's only subscriber in England-T.W. Gawne-writes that he has enjoyed the paper the past few months, where he and his wife have been visiting relatives at Port St. Mary, Isle of Man, and that they will leave for the States October 9.

One Hundred Years Ago

September 29, 1923

More than 100 persons, mostly from Pomeroy, watched the Hastings fishery take toll Sunday from the Snake river, of such steelhead and silverside or other salmon as happened to be caught in the drag of the 400-foot seine. E.G. Hastings, the veteran fisherman, who declares he is not yet 78, would wind up one end of the rope attached to the net, with a power machine, after William Hastings with the aid of another man, had made the cast and begun to pull in the other end of the seine.

One Hundred Twenty-Five Years Ago

October 1, 1898

Ed Pomeroy's failure to secure the nomination for Auditor hasn't dampened his ardor in the least. He says he is pleased at the loyalty with which his friends stood by him to the last, and if he gets home for the campaign, he will give Bell Henley a hearty and willing support. Charles M. Baldwin, the republican nominee for representative, is an old resident of Garfield County, for a young man, and has gained an enviable position as an intelligent and progressive farmer and citizen and a zealous republican. Mr. Baldwin came from California with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Z.A. Baldwin, when eight years of age, settling on the farm on Pataha flat where his parents still reside.

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