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Pomeroy Pioneer Portraits

Ten Years Ago

May 21, 2014

Pomeroy High School seniors Torrie Koller and McKenzie Uto competed in an Idaho High School Rodeo Association event earlier this spring. Both girls qualified for the association's state competition June 9 to 14 in Pocatello. Torrie will compete in breakaway roping, goat tying, pole bending, and team roping. McKenzie will compete in goat tying. Besides competing for state honors, the two Pirates hope to advance to either the National High School Rodeo or Silver State later this summer.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

May 26, 1999

The sand volleyball courts at the corner of Columbia and 9th streets are almost completed and coordinator Jim Greene said posts, nets and roping off the courts will be available soon. The courts were filled on May 8 when volunteers hauled sand to the site. The construction of the courts was made possible by the Pomeroy Nazarene Church giving permission for use of the property, and Klaveano Farms for providing sand.

Fifty Years Ago

May 23, 1974

In a last-ditch effort to save trees on some 400,000 acres of forestlands in the Pacific Northwest from destruction by the tussock moth infestation, the Forest Service-USDA has decided to aerial spray specific areas in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho with DDT. Regional Forester Theodore A. Schlapfer said the final decision to treat the infested areas was made only after a thorough analysis of all environmental considerations and the possible risks involved.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

May 26, 1949

Receiving the payoff at the Spokane Junior Livestock show last week are three Pomeroy boys. Junior Hannas, winner of the 4-H swine award, received a $75 gilt; Richard Waldher, FFA swine winner, got a $75 gilt; and Duane Beale, 4-H beef winner, received a $150 heifer. Bruce Swartout, president of the Spokane Jaycees, presented the awards.

One Hundred Years Ago

May 24, 1924

The Central Ferry bridge christening celebration drew the largest assembly of people ever brought together on any occasion in Garfield County. An accurate count of the parked cars on the Schnecklock grounds, which was directed by the inspector of state traffic control, fixed the number at 2,200. At the same time many cars were parked elsewhere, some on the rodeo grounds, others inside the park, some at the baseball park and a few north of the river. Accepting the traffic officer's estimate of four persons to the car, the attendance would easily reach 10,000.

One Hundred Twenty-Five Years Ago

May 20, 1899

A copy of Freedom, published at Manila, has the following interesting item about the Washington boys: "Gentle reader, do you want to see a curio? At their headquarters at Paco, the First Washingtons have established a menagerie. A large cage named 'Hogan's Alley' contains about half a dozen monkeys, a duck, a prettily colored parrot, and when Freedom's representative saw it, a small Filipino dog; in fact, quite a happy family, as happy, apparently, as the Washington boys themselves."

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