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City approves $80k fix to street project


July 30, 2020

POMEROY––Soft spots discovered during construction of the Fifth to Sixth Street Project will be properly addressed thanks to an $80,000 infusion from the state, and the City Council opted to not replace 350 feet of water main due to the logistical and timeline issues, the Pomeroy City Council decided at its July 21 meeting.

County Engineer Grant Morgan contacted the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) explaining the problems at the worksite and his assistance led to TIB approving up to $80,000 to be spent towards repair of the soft spots in the subgrade.

Council had voted at the last meeting to “just try to get by”, but the soft subgrade had gotten worse.

Luke Antonich of TD&H Engineering (TD&H) went over the costs in the proposal with the Council. Councilman Adam Hodges asked how far down the issue of the soft spots were from the surface of the road, to which Antonich replied it began a couple of feet down. He added that it wasn’t so much a function of seeing it but of removing the asphalt and then putting heavy equipment on it, which revealed the soft areas.

He stated that TD&H, with Morgan’s help, had taken numerous soil samples and tested potholes before the project began, but those did not show any evidence of the problem.

Responding to a question from Councilman James Harris as to whether removal of the soft subgrade would solve the problem Antonich said in this case both removal and placement of GeoGrid and fabric are being laid down. TD&H will receive $7,019.42 of the amount approved by TIB for management fees.

In order to avoid contractor markup costs, the purchase of materials will be routed through the City and TIB will reimburse the City at the end of the contract.

Discussion ensued about the cost of possibly replacing a block-long length of water line pipe running from Fifth to Sixth Streets now so as to avoid having to tear up the street again later. Antonich stated the cost would be approximately $60 per linear foot. City Superintendent Kenny Landkammer said the length for that would be 350 feet and advised against it since making such a change now in the project would be like “shutting the barn door after the horses were gone” and it would hold up the work crew by about two weeks.

Hodges asked if it would be a good thing “if all the stars aligned” and Landkammer said, “It would be a good thing.” However, Antonich pointed out that the contractor might be reluctant to agree as the equipment is scheduled to be off this site by the end of the month. He added it would add a level of complexity to the project and would be a complicated change order at this point.

The water line is located under the gutter, and Antonich said a new main would be either north or south of the present one, probably under the gravel parkway rather than the paved street.

Hodges had to leave the meeting early due to work commitments. Antonich told the Council that everything for the change order was in place and just needed the contractor’s signature. He stated that the actual amount paid will be less than the $80,000. Councilman James Fuchs moved to authorize the mayor to sign Change Order No. 2, up to a maximum of $80,000, and Cassetto seconded. Voting in favor were Fuchs, Cassetto, Bowles and Harris. Hodges was not present for the vote and the motion passed unanimously.

The vote authorized the mayor to sign the change order.

The next regular meeting will be on Tuesday, August 4, 2020, at 7:00 p.m.


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