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Shepherd Foundation awards $323,965 in 2020

POMEROY–The Harold and Helen Shepherd Foundation has awarded $323,965.61 in the COVID-19 year of 2020.

Since 1996 the Harold and Helen Shepherd Foundation has been granting money to various nonprofit organizations in Garfield County. For the year 2020 the Foundation has given $323,965.61. Harold and Helen Shepherd were Garfield County residents who dearly loved this community and upon their passing had a foundation in place to award grants each year to assist various non-profit organizations.

Helen Morris Shepherd grew up Garfield County and was the daughter of W.B. Morris, an early county resident who owned the Pomeroy State Bank as well as several farms. Although both Helen and Harold attended Whitman College in Walla Walla they did not meet until later, when she went to law school in Seattle. They had no children and rather than have their money leave the community, they set up the endowment for its benefit.

Recently, community foundations such as Blue Mountain Community Foundation (BMCF) in Walla Walla, Wash., have been offered matching monies from private donors such as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Paul Allen and others. These funds are offered to help 501-(c)(3) organizations through this COVID-19. This program is called “All in Washington”. The Shepherd Foundation hopes by sending the grant money on the following to BMCF, it will be matched dollar for dollar from “All In Washington” and felt the following grants were most likely to get matching funds.

1. Pomeroy School District–$33,810.00

Funding: Elementary Art–$2,500.00, Shepherd Field sprinklers–$15,000.00, FCCLA–$5,000.00, FBLA–$5,000.00, Third Grade Garden–$825.00, First Grade Books–$285.00, K-Library–$1,000.00, HS Library–$2,000.00, Physical Ed. Nets–$1,200.00 and Senior Party–$1,000.00

2. County of Garfield: $30,260.00

County Sheriff–Upgrade Emergency Radio System–$15,000.00

Fairgrounds–Sprinklers–$11,500.00, Eastern Washington Agricultural Museum–$2,000.00, 4-H–$1,200.00


3. City of Pomeroy: $45,295.55

Pool Passes–$2,500.00, Chemical Controller–$2,042.55

Cemetery Mowing–$9,831.00, Cemetery Trimming–$6,610.00

Rose Garden–$6,450.00, Gazebo Restoration–$8,000.00

Billboard Property Cleanup–$9,862.00

4. Spinners–$13,600.00

Update Lighting–$4,100.20, Commercial Dishwasher–$7,000.00

Thanksgiving Dinner–$2,500.00

5. Pomeroy Assist–$4,000.00

6. Pataha Flour Mill–$25,000.00

Heat/Air Conditioners Upstairs–$10,000.00, Kitchen Floor–$5,000.00

Cooler/Refrigerator–$3,000.00, Mower–$4,000.00, Beam & Roof Repair–$3,000.00

7. BMAG–Purchase Building–$32,500.00

8. Food Bank–$4,500.00

9. Hospital District–Bladder Scanner–$4,500.00

10. Walla Walla Symphony–$3,000.00

11. WWCC–Scholarships–$30,000.00

12. Garfield County Fire District–LUCAS Device (CPR)–$7,500.00

The Foundation sent BMCF a check for $233,965.55. In addition, the foundation gave money to the following:

1. Friends of the Library–$500.00

2. Jr. Gun Club–$500.00

3. Holy Rosary Backpack Program–$500.00

4. Pomeroy Babe Ruth–Batting nets and Turf–$3,000.00

5. Oasis Park–Fountain–$500.00

6. Super Citizens–$3,500.00

7. Senior Roundtable–Meals–$12,000.00

8, Garfield County Vintage Fire Truck–$2,000.00

9. Quality Behavioral Health–$500.00

10. Garfield County Christian Youth Program–$1,000.00

11. Boy Scouts–$2,500.00

12. Mt. Misery Snowdrifters–$20,000.00

13. WSU Foundation–Athletics–$5,000.00, Library–$5,000.00, College of Medicine–$5,000.00, Student Scholarships–$15,000.00