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Nice weather, nice scores for the final week of CPTA 24

POMEROY–The Pomeroy Gun Club members were greeted with beautiful spring weather this past weekend March 16-17 during the final week of the 10-week competition, and the nice conditions resulted in better scores.

In the 16-yard 12-year-old and under competition on Saturday, Rowdy Cole continued his excellent shooting with a 23X25 score. That was the top score in the division and Blake Warren posted and 18. Rowdy also broke a 23 in Handicap to lead that event.

In the 16-yard Sub Junior competition Luke Collier posted a score of 23, Sawyer Brenner had a 21 and Hagen Taylor and Byron Collier managed scores of 20. In Sub Junior Handicap Sawyer Brenner had the top score of 22 and Collier and Josephine Watson posted scores of 21.

Ollie Severs was perfect in the Junior 16-yard event with a 25 and Gunner Magill broke a 23 to lead that division. Severs and Magill both broke scores of 23 to lead the Junior division in Handicap. Severs 25 in singles was the first for the Junior shooters in 16-yard shooting this year.

Sunday also arrived with beautiful weather and Jim Adams and Tracy Hanger led the adults with perfect 25s in the 16-yard shooting. The Club really thought they should have had more perfect scores but Wayne Tetrick, Holly Ledgerwood, Sean Beale, Larry Bunch, Jeff Hannas, and Glenn Barber all bobbled once and recorded scores of 24. In Adult Handicap, Brian Bingman, Mitch Ruchert, and Travis Ledgerwood had the top scores of 24. Tracy Hanger, Sean Beale, and Glenn Barber posted scores of 23.

Continentals were paced by the 25, shot by Wayne Tetrick. Travis Ledgerwood and Brady Bott posted a pair of 24s.

Glenn Barber completed a good day with a 47X50 in Doubles, he was joined by Buck Geiger who also posted a 47. Travis Ledgerwood shot a 44.

This coming weekend many club members will shoot at the Camas Prairie Handicap in Walla Walla. The shoot offers 400 Handicap, 300 16-yard, and 200 Doubles targets over four days. Ollie Severs 25 on week-10 qualified him for a shoot off for the Sub Jr./Junior All Star team on Saturday evening at the Walla Walla shoot. Seven other shooters from various Clubs also qualified.

The Club will have its annual BBQ Potluck, fun day, annual meeting, and awards day on Sunday April 7 at the Pataha range starting at 9 a.m.

The Pomeroy Junior Club ended the season in sixth place one target behind Orofino-Pierce Gun Club and the Senior Club finished in 11th place, two targets behind Winchester Gun Club. Orofino-Pierce as the Adult Champion Club and Hermiston, Oregon won the Junior Championship.

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