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  • 45 women gather for Ladies Night Out

    Naomi Scoggin|Sep 2, 2021

    POMEROY–Ladies' Night Out was held at the Church of the Nazarene on August 20. The organizer, Alia Scoggin, gathered 45 women and girls in the fellowship hall to listen to Jessica Kellogg preach. Kellogg and her husband are pastors at Awaken Church in Wenatchee Wash., and began their ministry in Pomeroy as the Church of the Nazarene youth pastors in 2003. Jessica Marchand and Ketura Richmond led several songs of worship before the message, when Kellogg spoke about releasing weights to Jesus. H...

  • Tour Group May View Mayview History

    Dotty Van Vogt|Sep 2, 2021

    POMEROY–The Garfield County Pioneer Association met on Tuesday, August 24, to discuss finalizing plans for the upcoming Fall Bus Tour of the Mayview area scheduled for Saturday, September 25, 2021. Because the Mayview district is so rich with pioneer history, the tour will be done in two parts. The September tour will include sites such as the original trail from Gould City (known as the “Forks of the Deadman” in early days), McGrann Hill Road, the Lynn schoolhouse, to the top of Shepherd Hill and down into Mayview, circling into the Victo...

  • Garfield County to hire a MSAG contractor

    Naomi Scoggin|Sep 2, 2021

    POMEROY–The Garfield County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) approved a Master Street Addressing Guide contract to employ a MSAG operative at a flat payment of $1,516.80 a month at their meeting on August 30. The money will be paid through a 911 grant. The BOCC also approved a letter of support for the Appaloosa Solar Project, based on the project's agreement with the County's vision for the future. Ackman Heating and Cooling has provided a quote for the heat pump for the Public Works Office at $...


    Sep 2, 2021

    We want to update the community on both our local COVID-19 response as well as the status of hospitals statewide and the impact that is having on our response. COVID-19 infections locally and statewide continue to be on the rise. We have had multiple patients hospitalized over the last few weeks due to COVID-19. Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 are the highest they have been since the start of the pandemic. Many hospitals in Washington are reporting having no beds available. In the midst of...

  • Suicide Prevention Hotline Number to change

    Dotty Van Vogt|Sep 2, 2021

    POMEROY–The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline contact number will change to the “988” dialing system be changing in the near future, according to information provided by Scott Zaval of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department. Currently, 1-800-273-8255 is the crisis number, and veterans should Press 1 to be connected with the Veterans Crisis Line. This hotline provides suicide prevention and mental health crisis assistance via phone and online chats. Veterans can also get help at The FCC adopted rules on July 16, 202...

  • County Fair Premium Book Corrections and Fair Information

    Sep 2, 2021

    POMEROY–In the 2021 Garfield County Fair Premium Book the date and time listed to sign up for the Garfield County Rodeo is incorrect. To sign up for the Rodeo, please call (509) 843-1723 on Tuesday, September 7 from 5– 9 p.m. To participate in the Garfield County Fair Motorcycle, ATV, and Lawnmower Arena Games on September 18 at the Garfield County Fair, please fill out the Arena Games Hold Harmless Agreement by September 8. Forms need to be turned into the WSU/Garfield Extension Office on 757...

  • Quote of the Week

    Sep 2, 2021

    “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” – Yogi Berra... Full story

  • Guest Commentary

    Lori Burns|Sep 2, 2021

    Outrage, anger, frustration, sorrow, horror, disbelief, shock, shame: it is impossible to know which emotion I feel most strongly right now. Never in my life have I been so ashamed of my country as I am today. We have gone from being the laughing-stock of the world to becoming a pariah and has-been world power lead by a doddering old fool, riddled with dementia who is out of his mind, out of his depth and out of excuses. To be clear, I agree with Mr. Biden that it was time to leave Afghanistan. I agree that we were there too long–“aimless and...

  • A. F. Branco

    Sep 2, 2021

  • On the Edge of Common Sense

    Baxter Black|Sep 2, 2021

    R.C. is an animal lover. Maybe not the kind of animal lover that the term has come to mean in this era, but the kind that requires a greater commitment. He would tell you he’s a farmer. But he’s a horseman and trainer, cattleman, hog producer, corn grower and great-grandfather. He’s also a dog man, with the patience and persistence to deserve a good stock dog. R.C. has had a wide variety of dogs in his life. One day he asked his wife, Doris to keep an eye out for a Blue Heeler. They appea...


    Sen. Mark Schoesler|Sep 2, 2021

    In my E-Commentary last week, I mentioned that Governor Inslee had ordered all state employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine by mid-October or lose their jobs. Now, teachers and other school employees face the same threat. After Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal asked him last week to also require that school employees get vaccinated, Inslee announced Wednesday that all teachers and other employees in public, private or charter schools must be fully vaccinated by mid-October....

  • Letters to the Editor

    Sep 2, 2021

    The Shot is the Greatest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed. As a lifelong resident of Washington State and an ally to those who pursue and support medical freedom, I respectfully and strongly voice my grievances to the public in relation to the current and any future vaccine mandates. By use of force and fear, our governor has created chaos in the lives of those who do not support his mandates. We will not be compelled into receiving a vaccine with less than one year of dedicated research and no true proof of long-term efficacy, nor should...

  • Green Ridge and Lick Creek Fires Update

    Sep 2, 2021

    By Kevin Stock Incident Commander Northwest Incident Management Team 8 August 30, 2021–Current Situation at the Green Ridge Fire: Activity yesterday was minimal and this helped firefighters to make good progress. Today, the concern will be increased fire behavior due to predicted wind gusts up to 26 mph coming from the west-southwest. An increase in burning activity and smoke is likely as the winds fan interior islands and pockets of unburned fuels. Firefighters will remain diligent in w...

  • Umatilla National Forest advertises permanent fire job opportunities

    Sep 2, 2021

    PENDLETON, Ore. (August 24, 2021) – The Umatilla National Forest is now accepting applications for numerous permanent fire positions on USAJOBS until Sept. 27, 2021. Positions are available at multiple skill and qualification levels ranging from entry level firefighter positions to assistant fire management officers. The Forest is looking for committed, hardworking, highly skilled applicants to suppress wildfire and work in fuels management. The fire and aviation program is rewarding and requires working safely as a team in a variety of s...

  • Umatilla National Forest to further reduce area closure

    Sep 2, 2021

    PENDLETON, Ore. (August 27, 2021)–With continued reduced large fire activity across the Forest, Umatilla National Forest officials will further reduce the area closure on Saturday, Aug. 28, reopening access to more lands on the Pomeroy and Walla Walla Ranger Districts. The modified closure prohibits access to Umatilla National Forest lands surrounding the Lick Creek and Green Ridge fires on the Pomeroy Ranger District and lands surrounding the Elbow Creek Fire on the Walla Walla Ranger District. Public entry is prohibited within the areas i... Full story

  • Pomeroy Pioneer Portraits

    Dotty Van Vogt|Sep 2, 2021

    Ten Years Ago August 31, 2011 A lot of Garfield County residents spent a hectic Sunday night helping neighbors and friends in the north part of the county put out fires after a short but severe lightning storm passed through the county. The fire burned right up to metal buildings at Dye Seed on Bell Plain Rd. as well as up to a couple of homes. Approximately 5,000 to 6,000 acres were burned as of Monday morning. The Pomeroy swim team won its fifth straight league championship last week at Colfax, defeating six other teams competing for the...

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